Feeling State Addictions Protocol


folder_imageEllen has completed training in THE revolutionary EMDR protocol for treating addictions – substance and behavioral. It is called the Feeling State Addictions Protocol, (FSAP), and was developed by Robert Miller, PH.D. This protocol targets the desired positive feeling state associated with the addictive behavior. Feelings such as; in control, soothed, confident, special, desirable, euphoric, defiant, popular, connected, are all examples of positive feeling states associated with addictive behaviors. The FSAP proposes that addictive behavior can be activated when the desired positive feeling state (any of the above) and a behavior get linked together in the brain. The result is compulsive behavior. The FSAP breaks the link. Addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, food – over and under-eating, are some examples of addictive behaviors that can be released. This protocol is a relatively rapid treatment. If there is underlying trauma, which is almost always the case in addictions, that is also treated successfully with EMDR.

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