Creativity & Performance Bio

I have always worked around my “day job” in order to maintain my relationship with creativity. I come from a lineage of painters, musicians and wood carvers. Over the years I have studied dance, acting, music and writing. My poetry has won several awards. My favorite medium is improvisation – movement, jazz and theater. I have studied with; Anna Halprin and company, Ruth Zapporah of Action Theater, with Butoh dancers Maureen Freehill and Shinjo Jill Brewer, Continuum with Emily Conrad and many others in the dance and movement community. I have studied acting with Rhada del la Marter, Maura Du Studi and Wendy Chapin in Santa Fe and at the Freehold Studio in Seattle. I have performed in Santa Fe as an actor and I studied Improv with Ben Taxi of The Santa Fe Improv Players. I am a member of Awakened Life Sangha with Roshi Joan Sutherland.

Creativity & Performance Philosophy

“In a culture in which productivity is privileged over creativity, I fervently believe that cultivating creativity is critical for the healing of the individual and the planet. It is an energy that has endless application in our personal and community lives.”


Clinical Bio

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended public schools. I graduated from Brooklyn College with Honors in English Literature. In 1972 I received my masters in social work from the University of California at Berkeley. In 1975 I received intensive training in Structural Family Therapy at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic. Salvador Minuchin, Braulio Montalvo, Jay Haley, Cloe Madanes and Harry Aponte were all part of the faculty. Subsequently I studied with many other leaders in the family therapy field. I studied hypnosis with David Cheek MD, Stephen Gilligan PhD and other prominent hypnotherapists. I was a member of the Seattle Narrative Therapy group for 11 years. In addition to my extensive EMDR training, I have taken many workshops with Daniel J. Siegel MD, the founder of interpersonal neurobiology, and with Bonnie Bodenach PhD. I am an approved EMDR Consultant and practitioner of Brainspotting.

Clinical Philosophy

In my practice I view you in context. I do not subscribe to the prevailing American view of “individualism” in American psychology – that is that you exist as a separate person apart from your family, community, race, religion, etc. I want to know things like:

  • Who are your ancestors? What is your race and/or ethnicity?
  • Are you a child of immigrants or of colonized populations? Has your family made the journey from one country to another or from rural to urban living?
  • How do your religion, culture and family of origin view gender roles? How are men and women supposed to be in the world?
  • How is your choice of sexual identity (heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, transgendered or questioning) received by your family and culture?
  • If you are disabled how does that play out in your life?
  • Are you a recent combat veteran? Is it hard for your family and friends to understand your combat experience?

These kinds of questions are important to me because who we are is connected to the systems we live in. From the point of view of neurobiology, all of these systems actually shape our brain!