Feeling State Addictions Protocol

Ellen has completed training in THE revolutionary EMDR protocol for treating addictions – substance and behavioral. It is called the Feeling State Addictions Protocol, (FSAP), and was developed by Robert Miller, PH.D. This protocol targets the desired positive feeling state associated with the addictive behavior. Feelings such as; in control, soothed, confident, special, desirable, euphoric, … Continue reading “Feeling State Addictions Protocol”

The Neuroscience of Resistance

A wonderful new book written by Rosanne Bane: Arrond The Writer’s Block:Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance This is a wonderful neuroscience based book to explain the phenomenon of resistance. Most of the book applies to any creative person facing their own resistance. You can also goggle the author’s website. Her name is Rosanne … Continue reading “The Neuroscience of Resistance”

How Shall We Describe Ourselves As We Grow Older

Blog 10/28/12 “Aging” – sounds like something you do to meat.  “Senior” – isn’t that someone in high school? “Elder” – works great in a culture that has a place for elders as respected persons of wisdom. Why is there such a dearth of language to describe our unfolding as we grow older? Most of us … Continue reading “How Shall We Describe Ourselves As We Grow Older”

The New Age of Creativity

In a culture of human doing, aging offers us the opportunity to become human beings. The latest neuroscience research tells us that cultivating creativity in the aging process actually prolongs life! In the June issue of the Journal of Aging and Health, researchers found that higher openess (a hallmark of creativity) predicted longer life. Other studies … Continue reading “The New Age of Creativity”