Performance is an intimate act with an audience. It requires courage, authenticity and the willingness to be vulnerable. If you are an actor, performance artist, motivational speaker, or trial lawyer you receive immediate feedback. More often, if you are a painter, sculptor, novelist or composer, you may receive delayed feedback, never know how your work was perceived or how it affected your audience. So, Performance requires a deep faith in yourself and your work, held simultaneously with a willingness to constructively examine what you create. These are demanding requirements.

Performance and creativity are also in an intimate relationship. Performance manifests your creativity and is an act of relationship with your audience whether you are present or not. This relationship offers your audience the opportunity to resource their own creativity and be inspired in response to what you have offered them.

Obstacles to Performance / Creativity

Performance is hampered by a variety of factors:

  • Historical trauma including sports injuries
  • Shaming by parents or teachers in which negative messages to yourself have been internalized. For example, when you thought outside the box and were criticized
  • Competition with creative siblings or parents
  • Gender – i.e. the marginalizing of women’s art
  • States of fear and anxiety
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Lack of experience
  • Perceived lack of courage or perceived inability to take risks
  • Difficulty in responding to critique (not always constructively expressed, which can cause feelings of shame)
  • Perfectionism and premature evaluative and critical practices that short-circuit your creative process
  • Negative beliefs: I’m a fraud, I’m not good enough, I’ll never be a success, etc.
  • Resistance / Procrastination
  • The inner critic

All of these obstacles can be identified and targeted for successful treatment!

PAYMENT: Creativity and Performance Enhancement appointments are not considered medically necessary and therefore not covered by insurance. Fees will be discussed when you contact me.