Creativity Quiz

1) Do you have a regular creativity practice? What is it? Do you journal, vision, dream, or meditate?

2) How do you think about creativity? Is it something you assign to artists, scientists or other people you designate as creative?

3) Do you say to yourself “I am not creative” and establish a negative mindset in relationship to creativity?

4) Are you aware of, but frustrated by, creative blocks that you can’t release?

5) What are your earliest memories of your creative efforts? Which mediums were you exploring? Were these efforts encouraged, discouraged, met with indifference by your culture, family of origin and/or extended family, teachers, or others? What were/are the effects of these responses then and now?

6) How does your culture of origin express creativity? Is it through: craftspeople, carvers, sculptors, writers, painters, inventors, innovators, etc.

7) Are you following in a family or cultural tradition of creative endeavor?

8) What have you discovered about your creative lineage?

9) Did you have a favorite relative or mentor who nurtured your creativity? Were you encouraged as a child and young adult to pursue a creative activity such as: dance, music, acting, writing, or scientific experiments? What have been the effects of these pursuits in your life to date?

10) Were you involved in artistic or athletic performance ? Was the quality of those experiences positive or negative? What are the lasting effects that you can identify?

11) What are your mediums of expression and performance NOW? How did you choose them? Have they changed over time? In which ways?

12) Are there ways in which you would like to expand your relationship with creativity or performance? For example you may explore new mediums or increase your public exposure. What does that look like? How would your life change when you do this?

13) What do you think is getting in the way of accessing this precious resource?

14) Are there other questions about this subject that you would ask yourself? What are they?

Completing the Quiz

Now that you have completed the quiz, review your answers.

a) What have you learned about your relationship with Creativity?

b) Has this quiz suggested new directions and practices? What are these?

c) What resources do you need in order to implement them?

d) Where do you start?