“I’m a writer and a naturally creative person, but for many years, negative thoughts have kept me from expressing exactly what I’ve wanted to say. During a recent bout of severe writers block, I sought help from Ellen Fox. Using innovative brainspotting techniques, she helped me rediscover my creative soul. The words are flowing again, and I’m flourishing in my craft. I hope to finish my first novel later this year.”


“Ellen Fox? She is an original. Her deep Koan practice illuminating her path… What she doesn’t see is that it’s her luminous soul lighting her path. Neuroscience junkie, renaissance woman, accomplished therapist, walking the world with deep insights about the human condition, Peonie Warrior, fierce defender of all that she perceives as unjust, comedienne, actress, empath with a heart of gold. My favorite thing is to hear her laugh when she has an insight, that’s when I hear the 5 year old in her. In Zen there’s an expression “we walk on the empty sky.” I’ve experienced this as a moment when we release our ideas of knowing, and the self is unrooted to reveal what is true. Ellen walks this empty sky with great abandonment.”

E.S. member of Awakened Life Sangha

“Ellen’s facilitation of tapping into the emotional state of my character through the Brainspotting technique was quick, easy, and effective. I was able to tap this energy right before I began the monologue and able to come out of the character quickly by using the tools that she help me find.”

S.O. actress

“Ellen has been my therapist for quite some time now. I have more than two diagnoses which I will live with for the rest of my life, let alone huge issues that have ruled my life. Ellen, however has been pivotal in assisting me to confront these life-long issues and come to terms and accommodations regarding them. Not too far into therapy, she discovered a creative spark inside me that had long been ignored and/or abandoned while I spend my life undiagnosed, not medicated and with no therapy. While sorting through my personal demons, Ellen kept returning to a side of me that was positive, my creative side. Through her persistence and support I have returned to creating art. My art is no longer for others, but for my own enjoyment. While immersed in whatever strikes my artistic fancy, my diagnoses melt away into nothingness and hard-core issues become ghosts. For that time I am simply myself, creative and content. “


“On July 29, 2010, I attempted suicide. Fortunately, like so many things in my life at that time, I was unsuccessful. After my release from the hospital, my family doctor gently suggested that I might need therapy. This was not the first time I had attempted suicide, nor was it the first time I tried therapy. She referred me to Ellen Fox, and I sincerely believed that saved my life.

My first visit with Ms. Fox was interesting, to say the least. I was not able to drive at the time, so I was dropped off on her doorstep, weighing 84 lbs., and barely able to speak without breaking into unintelligible sobbing. I was uncomfortable with any clothing, other than my ratty pink bathrobe, but I managed to come up with two outfits, which I washed and wore consistently for the remainder of the summer. As the youngest of four children, and I recovering alcoholic, I was a master of denial and justification, and I approached every aspect of my life in that mode. Ellen identified this in me immediately, and interacted with me in a way that was different, to say the least, from others in my life. Naturally, I did not appreciate this immediately, or for some time thereafter.

But, I kept going. I did not miss appointments, and was rarely late, two things that were relatively new for me. I kept showing up because I knew I needed help, and had never received help from anyone with Ms. Fox’ therapeutic expertise and skill.

Throughout my time in therapy, Ms. Fox used a variety of methods to facilitate my recovery. Using role play, she helped me identify and “name” my anorexic self. Although I was skeptical about the process, the results were astonishing. For the first time in twenty-five years battling anorexia, I was able to confront it, forgive it and free myself from it. Ms. Fox also introduced me to EMDR, a technique she skillfully used during particularly difficult sessions. This process allowed issues, buried in my subconscious mind, to surface. As I became aware of them, I was able to examine the issues and work to resolve them. Ms. Fox also encouraged me to acknowledge my creative self, and use it as an outlet for healing and expression. She allowed me to see that I have a gift.

I am incredibly thankful to Ellen for her commitment to my recovery. I came away from every session feeling stronger. Her sense of humor, and direct approach sustained me through the most difficult time in my life. Whenever I feel overwhelmed in a situation, I remember to “just breathe and eat.” Today, I am maintaining my goal weight. I value myself, which allows me to set boundaries and not allow others to intrude upon them. Thanks to her, I have coping skills to use when the road gets rocky. Today I am moving forward, healthy, hopeful and unafraid.”

M.S. client

“I have know Ellen Fox for four decades. She is one of my primary referral sources because she compliments my work as a Jungian analyst. She works for results and will utilize any legitimate means to that end and lets her clients know that they will finish their work as quickly as possible. Her diverse training in Clinical Social Work, EMDR and Brainspotting are all part of her repertoire. Her community organizational skills and practice are undergirded with deep commitment and care. Ms. Fox’s so hard-to-find skill of dealing with conflict is outstanding.”

Deanne Kreis Newman, LISW, MSW, Jungian Analyst

“Ellen Fox provides cutting edge treatments for people seeking to enhance their creativity. A curious, careful listener she brings together an enormous skill set and playful manner to help clients express their creativity in all aspects of life. Whether you are an artist, musician, writer, actor, or someone wishing to express yourself in a new way, Ellen is a wonderful resource.”